The most common interview question..."So, what were your musical influences?" 

I grew up listening to my dad play acoustic rockabilly style blues and adopted a bit of that style early on.  1970's rock had the biggest impact on me though.  Led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat, Eagles and all those 70's one hit wonders.  In my early 20's I discovered the Grateful Dead.  At the same time I explored bluegrass.  Old and in the Way was a record that I wore out.  More recent interests include Amos Lee, Ryan Adams, and Jack Johnson.

In 2008, I teamed up with singer / songwriter Todd Nickerson and formed the band 6 East.  We recorded and released two albums of original material, "Living the Dream" and "Rising".  We later added accomplished fiddle player, Katy Boc and delivered our blended style of Americana music to Boston south shore and Cape Cod area audiences.  Around  2014, I began to have the urge to pursue a solo record and began assembling some new songs.  Todd and Katy went on to form a roots duo called  Sparrow Blue (

Wild Card (wīld′kärd′)

"An unpredictable and unforeseeable factor"

The Jonathan Soucy "Wild Card" project recordings took place in Noise in the Attic Studios, produced by Rob Loyot.  All songs written by Jonathan Soucy, except for "Two to Tango" (Kathleen Healy).

The Album was entitled "Edge of Blue" based on lyrics from the closing song, In My Eyes.  All tracks can be downloaded now from this website or major digital outlets.

Credits for Edge of Blue:

Engineered by Rob Loyot

Produced by Rob Loyot for Perriello productions 

Assistant engineer David Deluca 

Tape operators, Greg Madden, Scott Robinson 

Additional editing, Sean MacLaughlin 

Mixed by Rob Loyot 

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA 

Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice  


Lead Vocals, Jonathan Soucy 

Drums, Tom Major 

Bass, Tom Appleman 

Lead Guitar, Mike Benjamin 

Keys (Hammond B3 organ, piano, synthesizer), Jeff Calder 

Acoustic guitar, Jonathan Soucy, Chuck Fisher, Brad McCarthy 

Electric guitar, Chuck Fisher, Dave Deluca, Brad McCarthy 

Background vocals, Rob Loyot, Mike Benjamin, Dave Deluca, Claire Elise Walton, Brianna Grace 

Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Rob Loyot 

Trombone, Lenny Peterson 


Special thanks to Chuck Fisher and Rob Loyot for musical arrangement

Album artwork:

Photos:  Kelly Stiles

Graphics: Sami Nabid

Design: Amelie Loyot